Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I Lab

Organic Chemistry I
This course is an introduction to the structure and reactivity of organic molecules. Topics covered include chemical nomenclature, bonding, structure, acid-base relationships, mechanistically simple reactions, and theoretical aspects of structure determination. Laboratory exercises include hands-on introductions to techniques such as distillation, crystallization, chromatography, polarimetry, and modern spectroscopic techniques such as NMR and IR. (Students must have received a grade of B- or better in CHEM 0104 or 0107) 9 hrs. lect., 12 hrs. lab, 3 hrs prelab.
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CHEM0241A-F12 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0241T-F12 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0241U-F12 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0241V-F12 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0241W-F12 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0241X-F12 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0241Y-F12 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0241Z-F12 Lab (Oster)