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Localization Project Managemnt

This course is designed to introduce students who are at the very outset of the TLM track to the fundamental principles of Localization Project Management. For many students, this is their first introduction to localization, so we will cover the basics with an emphasis on concepts, processes and tools. We will cover the essentials of business communication, and how traditional project management skills can be adapted for translation and localization projects. Obviously not all translation and localization projects are alike, so students will be asked to think outside the box for novel solutions to potentially complex project requirements.

TI - Localization Management
Translation & Interpretation
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2016 - MIIS

TRLM8530A-F16 Lecture (Troyer)
TRLM8530B-F16 Lecture (Troyer)

Fall 2015 - MIIS

TRLM8530A-F15 Lecture (Troyer)
TRLM8530B-F15 Lecture (Troyer)