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Hispanic Language & Culture I

Covers Spanish grammatical structures and idioms, combining oral practice and a systematic study of vocabulary. Expression of ideas on discussion topics related to contemporary trends, current events and everyday life.
Language & Intercultural Study
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2015 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-S15 Lecture (Iglesias-Barca)

Fall 2014 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-F14 Lecture (Guillen Pena)

Spring 2014 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-S14 Lecture (Iglesias-Barca)

Fall 2013 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-F13 Lecture (Iglesias-Barca)

Spring 2013 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-S13 Lecture (Lain)

Fall 2012 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-F12 Lecture (Oliva)
SPLA8310B-F12 Lecture (Oliva)

Fall 2011 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-F11 Lecture (Morera)
SPLA8310B-F11 Lecture (Oliva)

Spring 2011 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-S11 Lecture (Feldsberg)

Fall 2010 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-F10 Lecture (Morera)
SPLA8310B-F10 Lecture (Morera)

Spring 2010 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-S10 Lecture (Feldsberg)

Fall 2009 - MIIS

SPLA8310A-F09 Lecture (Porras Prol)