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During the last 15 years, aggressive governments and terrorists have sought to acquire biological, chemical and toxin weapons for use in international warfare, internal conflicts, or terrorist operations. In a few instances, these weapons were actually deployed, causing casualties and generating mayhem. Most security experts expect that these weapons will see increased use in the foreseeable future. For these reasons, security experts active in the international arena ought to be familiar with these types of weapons systems. Accordingly, this course will address health and environmental effects of biological, chemical and toxin weapons, circumstances which favor their use, the international laws that seek to prevent these weapons from being acquired and used and, when laws fail, methods for determining whether one of these three weapon systems has indeed been used and, if so, the appropriate response.

Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
Intl Policy & Management
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Fall 2014 - MIIS

NPTG8684A-F14 Seminar (Zilinskas)

Fall 2013 - MIIS

NPTG8684A-F13 Seminar (Zilinskas)