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Geospatial Tools forNPAnalysis

This course serves to introduce students to the increasingly important role of overhead reconnaissance and imagery analysis in nonproliferation. Students will receive a background in the rise of commercial satellite imagery and its open-source intelligence applications. They will learn basic techniques for identifying nuclear- and missile-related facilities by using their knowledge of how these facilities work, ground photos, and crowd-sourcing. Students will also learn how to order and manipulate satellite imagery in Google Earth and SketchUp in order to derive new value-added information for their research.

Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
Intl Policy & Management
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WKSH8533 *


Fall 2014 - MIIS

NPTG8533A-F14 Workshop (Hanham)

Fall 2013 - MIIS

NPTG8533A-F13 Workshop (Hanham, Hansen)

Spring 2013 - MIIS

NPTG8533A-S13 Workshop (Hanham, Pabian)