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Social Entrepreneurship

The goal of social entrepreneurship is to enhance the well-being of a disadvantaged target group within society or society as a whole using a hybrid entrepreneurship mode. Amongst other things, the hybrid model includes some of the aspects of commercial entrepreneurship such as an entrepreneurial orientation, opportunity recognition and creating a venture. This course focuses on what it means to be a social entrepreneur (SE). We examine how SEs create a social venture and accomplish their social missions while maintaining financial viability. In essence, we are trying to answer the question “what makes a social entrepreneur successful?” Though this question may seem straight forward, it is not as easy as it seems. As one example, how do we measure success in a way that reflects the complexities of multiple stakeholders and their needs? The course will emphasize immersive learning and will include projects and discussions with social entrepreneurs.

International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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Fall 2016 - MIIS

MBAG8664A-F16 Lecture (Kropp)

Fall 2015 - MIIS

MBAG8664A-F15 Lecture (Kropp)