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Financial Accounting

MBAG 8531: This is the first course in the Principles of Accounting series. This course is concerned with the theory and practice of financial accounting. The course, while of necessity having to deal with some of the details inherent in accounting, will focus on developing in the student an understanding of the conceptual basis of financial accounting and on linking that foundation to business decisions.

International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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Fall 2015 - MIIS

MBAG8531A-F15 Lecture (Landry)

Fall 2014 - MIIS

MBAG8531A-F14 Lecture (Chan)

Spring 2014 - MIIS

MBAG8531A-S14 Lecture (Chan)

Fall 2013 - MIIS

MBAG8531A-F13 Lecture (Chan)