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High-Value Org Consulting

This workshop will be taught by organizational expert and successful government, nonprofit, and private-sector consultant, Dr. Beryl Levinger ,with help from our alumnus Vladimir Cernavskis (Moscow, McKinsey Associates). Participants will learn tools for analyzing an organization, its culture, its approach to meeting mission, and ecosystem analysis. They will also master key skills for effective organizational consulting including client reconnaissance; client relationship management; and the creation of value-added consultant deliverables. The 15 contact hour workshop in January will be worth 1 credits. Students wishing to earn 2 credits for this workshop will turn addition deliverables in the first month of their internship – these deliverables will help them apply the tools they have learned in this workshop to better understand their host organizations.

Intl Professional Service
Intl Policy & Management
Intl Policy & Management
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Spring 2014 - MIIS

IPSS8530A-S14 Lecture (Levinger)