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Sem:Adv Economic Development

In this class, students will integrate and expand on the theories and methodological tools introduced in Development Economics and Data Analysis (or Business Statistics) to do original, empirical research on a development policy issue of their choosing. In the first half of the course, tools such as cost-benefit analysis, input-output analysis, and multivariate regression analysis will be introduce and refined through readings and experimentation. Students will see how to select, clean and use data sets from national and international sources. Students and faculty, as a team, will address “macro” development questions such as the relationship between aid, governance, and development.
The second half of the course encourages students to evaluate the potential expansion of “micro” development policies. Each student will analyze a “successful” development policy in a specific country, confirm or refute its success, and prepare a plan for either expanding that policy to a different country and cultural context (if it is deemed successful) or rethinking and reconfiguring that policy in its current context to make it successful.
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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