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Conflict,Biz& EthicalDecMaking

Conflict interveners, NGOs, and other development agencies, usually work in areas of grey. Similarly, business managers encountering conflicts in a variety of contexts must make nuanced judgments. Identifying ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ and ‘good’ from ‘bad’ in practice presents huge dilemmas. Practitioners operating in conflicts, regardless of the sector they work in, are challenged especially as the impact of their actions can escalate conflicts within and outside the organization. Interveners in conflicts have to consider the impact of their actions on the parties in the conflict but also reassess their own agenda, values, morals and beliefs. Through a study of applied ethics, identifying situations that pose ethical dilemmas and evaluating actions in practice becomes the norm for practitioners. This course will encourage students to develop a greater understanding of their skills and agendas in conflict situations, and will provide tools for future conflict interveners and business managers to take ‘ethical’ decisions in challenging situations.
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International Policy
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