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Org Sustainability for SCOs

This course explores a series of pathways for achieving organizational sustainability. Consideration will be given to how organizational practices, procedures and systems (including those related to budgeting, resource generation, resource management, and marketing) influence long-term organizational viability. We will focus on creating business models that contribute to mission achievement and sustainability for organizations that work in complex environments. The use of managerial performance metrics in relation to organizational sustainability will also be explored.
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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Fall 2012 - MIIS

IPOL8534A-F12 Lecture (Ortiz)

Spring 2012 - MIIS

IPOL8534A-S12 Lecture (Ortiz)

Fall 2011 - MIIS

IPOL8534A-F11 Lecture (Ortiz)

Spring 2011 - MIIS

IPOL8534A-S11 Lecture (Ortiz)

Fall 2010 - MIIS

IPOL8534A-F10 Lecture (Ortiz)

Fall 2009 - MIIS

IPOL8534A-F09 Lecture (Ortiz)