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This course provides an introduction to budgeting, accounting and financial analysis. Students will also gain an understanding of how governmental and nongovernmental organizations manage their finances. Topics to be covered include financial reporting; cash management; financial controls; and standards of financial integrity. Special attention will be given to an examination of how the budgeting process influences overall organizational performance. Students will also learn basic accounting concepts as well as financial information presentation and retrieval skills.
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2012 - MIIS

IPOL8530A-F12 Lecture (Rivero)

Spring 2012 - MIIS

IPOL8530A-S12 Lecture (Rivero)

Fall 2011 - MIIS

IPOL8530A-F11 Lecture (Rivero)

Fall 2010 - MIIS

IPOL8530A-F10 Lecture (Dow, Landry)

Spring 2010 - MIIS

IPOL8530A-S10 Lecture (Ortiz)

Fall 2009 - MIIS

IPOL8530A-F09 Lecture (Ortiz)
IPOL8530B-F09 Lecture (Dow, Landry)