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Portfolio Seminar

Consists of a series of workshops leading to the integration of issues and ideas in the MA program, and to the development of a portfolio of work.

Language Education
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2014 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-L2-14 Seminar (Sawin)

Spring 2014 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-S14 Seminar (Goldstein)
EDUC8650B-S14 Seminar (Lee)

Fall 2013 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-F13 Seminar (Turner)
EDUC8650B-F13 Seminar (Hedgcock)

Summer 2013 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-L2-13 Seminar (Lee)

Spring 2013 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-S13 Seminar (DeCosta)
EDUC8650B-S13 Seminar (Walters)

Fall 2012 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-F12 Seminar (DeCosta)
EDUC8650B-F12 Seminar (Turner)

Summer 2012 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-L2-12 Seminar (Turner)

Spring 2012 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-S12 Seminar (Shaw)
EDUC8650B-S12 Seminar (Turner)

Fall 2011 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-F11 Seminar (DeCosta)
EDUC8650B-F11 Seminar (Hedgcock)

Spring 2011 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-S11 Seminar (Lee)
EDUC8650B-S11 Seminar (Turner)

Fall 2010 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-F10 Seminar (Goldstein)
EDUC8650B-F10 Seminar (Lee)

Spring 2010 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-S10 Seminar (van Lier)
EDUC8650B-S10 Seminar (Goldstein)
EDUC8650C-S10 Seminar (Shaw)

Fall 2009 - MIIS

EDUC8650A-F09 Seminar (Hedgcock)
EDUC8650B-F09 Seminar (van Lier)