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Economics Preparation-Micro

This intensive course in introductory microeconomics places emphasis on the fundamental principles necessary for success in International Economics (IPOL 8520), Development Economics (IPOL 8551) and Environmental & Natural Resource Economics (IPOL 8542). This course will examine the allocation of resources in different kinds of economies. Topics include the production possibilities curve, competitive markets, elasticities, monopoly, market failures, and the role of government.
Preparatory Courses
Intl Policy & Management
Intl Policy & Management
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2014 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-L2-14 Lecture (Scorse)

Spring 2014 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-S14 Lecture (Scorse)

Summer 2013 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-L2-13 Lecture (Scorse)

Spring 2013 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-S13 Lecture (Scorse)

Summer 2012 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-L2-12 Lecture (Scorse)

Spring 2012 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-S12 Lecture (Scorse)

Summer 2011 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-L2-11 Lecture (Scorse)

Spring 2011 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-S11 Lecture (Ruehsen)

Summer 2010 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-L2-10 Lecture (Ruehsen)

Spring 2010 - MIIS

ECPR8500A-S10 Lecture (Ruehsen)
ECPR8500B-S10 Lecture (Ruehsen)