Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate Spanish
This accelerated course is designed to review, reinforce, and consolidate the linguistic structures that students need in order to reach the intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. A grammar review will accompany intensive language acquisition, vocabulary expansion, readings, discussions, and compositions. (Placement test required) 3 hrs. lect., 1 hr. drill.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2016

SPAN0201A-S16 Lecture
SPAN0201B-S16 Lecture
SPAN0201C-S16 Lecture
SPAN0201D-S16 Lecture
SPAN0201E-S16 Lecture
SPAN0201Z-S16 Drill 1

Fall 2015

SPAN0201A-F15 Lecture (Castaneda)
SPAN0201B-F15 Lecture (Castaneda)
SPAN0201C-F15 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0201D-F15 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0201E-F15 Lecture (Pareja)
SPAN0201F-F15 Lecture (Pareja)
SPAN0201G-F15 Lecture (Poppe)
SPAN0201T-F15 Drill 1
SPAN0201U-F15 Drill 1
SPAN0201V-F15 Drill 1
SPAN0201W-F15 Drill 1
SPAN0201X-F15 Drill 1
SPAN0201Y-F15 Drill 1
SPAN0201Z-F15 Drill 1 (Manrique-Gomez)

Spring 2015

SPAN0201A-S15 Lecture (Fil)
SPAN0201C-S15 Lecture (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201V-S15 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201X-S15 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201Y-S15 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)

Fall 2014

SPAN0201A-F14 Lecture (Fil)
SPAN0201B-F14 Lecture (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201C-F14 Lecture (Garcia)
SPAN0201D-F14 Lecture (Fil)
SPAN0201E-F14 Lecture (Garcia)
SPAN0201F-F14 Lecture (Rocha)
SPAN0201G-F14 Lecture (Rocha)
SPAN0201T-F14 Drill 1 (Rocha)
SPAN0201U-F14 Drill 1 (Rocha)
SPAN0201V-F14 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201W-F14 Drill 1 (Rocha)
SPAN0201X-F14 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201Y-F14 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)
SPAN0201Z-F14 Drill 1 (Nunez Martinez)