American Constitutional Law

American Constitutional Law: Individual Rights
This course focuses on the Supreme Court's interpretation of the first amendment freedoms of speech, press, and religion, and, to a lesser extent, the rights of the accused, as reflected in amendments four through eight. It includes consideration of philosophic arguments regarding speech and religion (Mill, Locke), the framing of the original bill of rights, and the constitutional history of free speech in America (Levy). Sullivan and Gunther's Constitutional Lawis the text; written work includes three or four essays, a mock court exercise, and a final exam. (Sophomores, juniors, and seniors with PSCI 0102 or PSCI 0104 or PSCI 0205 or PSCI 0206 or PSCI 0305 or waiver) 4.5 hrs. lect./disc. (American Politics)/
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Fall 2014

PSCI0306A-F14 Lecture (Dry)
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PSCI0306A-F12 Lecture (Dry)

Fall 2010

PSCI0306A-F10 Lecture (Dry)

Fall 2007

PSCI0306A-F07 Lecture (Dry)

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PSCI0306A-F06 Lecture

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PSCI0306A-F05 Lecture (Dry)

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PSCI0306A-F03 Lecture (Dry)