Senior Research & Thesis

Senior Research and Thesis
Independent research in the fall, winter, and spring terms culminating in a written thesis (two units total). (Approval required)
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2016

PHYS0705A-S16 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-S16 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S16 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S16 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S16 Independent Study (Glikman)
PHYS0705H-S16 Senior Work (Graham)
PHYS0705I-S16 Senior Work (Durst)

Spring 2015

PHYS0705A-S15 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-S15 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S15 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S15 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S15 Independent Study (Glikman)
PHYS0705H-S15 Senior Work (Graham)
PHYS0705I-S15 Senior Work (Durst)

Winter 2015

PHYS0705B-W15 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W15 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W15 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W15 Independent Study (Glikman)
PHYS0705H-W15 Independent Study (Graham)
PHYS0705I-W15 Senior Work (Durst)

Fall 2014

PHYS0705B-F14 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F14 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F14 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F14 Senior Work (Glikman)
PHYS0705F-F14 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-F14 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-F14 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2014

PHYS0705A-S14 Independent Study
PHYS0705C-S14 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S14 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S14 Independent Study (Glikman)
PHYS0705G-S14 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-S14 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2014

PHYS0705C-W14 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705E-W14 Independent Study (Glikman)
PHYS0705G-W14 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-W14 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2013

PHYS0705A-F13 Senior Work
PHYS0705B-F13 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F13 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F13 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F13 Senior Work (Glikman)
PHYS0705F-F13 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-F13 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-F13 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2013

PHYS0705A-S13 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-S13 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S13 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S13 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S13 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-S13 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-S13 Senior Work (Goodsell)

Winter 2013

PHYS0705B-W13 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W13 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W13 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W13 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-W13 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-W13 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-W13 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2012

PHYS0705A-F12 Senior Work
PHYS0705B-F12 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F12 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F12 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F12 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F12 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705I-F12 Senior Work (Goodsell)

Spring 2012

PHYS0705A-S12 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-S12 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S12 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705F-S12 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-S12 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-S12 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2012

PHYS0705B-W12 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W12 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705F-W12 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-W12 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-W12 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2011

PHYS0705A-F11 Senior Work
PHYS0705B-F11 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F11 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705E-F11 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F11 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-F11 Senior Work (Graham)
PHYS0705I-F11 Senior Work (Goodsell)

Spring 2011

PHYS0705B-S11 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S11 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S11 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705G-S11 Senior Work (Goodsell)
PHYS0705H-S11 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2011

PHYS0705B-W11 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W11 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W11 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705H-W11 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2010

PHYS0705B-F10 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F10 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F10 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F10 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705G-F10 Senior Work (Prigo)
PHYS0705H-F10 Senior Work (Graham)
PHYS0705I-F10 Senior Work (Goodsell)

Spring 2010

PHYS0705B-S10 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705D-S10 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705F-S10 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-S10 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2010

PHYS0705B-W10 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705D-W10 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705H-W10 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2009

PHYS0705B-F09 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705D-F09 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F09 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F09 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-F09 Senior Work (Prigo)
PHYS0705H-F09 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2009

PHYS0705B-S09 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S09 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S09 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S09 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-S09 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-S09 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2009

PHYS0705B-W09 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W09 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W09 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W09 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-W09 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-W09 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2008

PHYS0705B-F08 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F08 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F08 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F08 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F08 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-F08 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2008

PHYS0705B-S08 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S08 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S08 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S08 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-S08 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-S08 Senior Work (Prigo)
PHYS0705H-S08 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2008

PHYS0705A-W08 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-W08 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W08 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W08 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W08 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-W08 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-W08 Senior Work (Prigo)
PHYS0705H-W08 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2007

PHYS0705B-F07 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F07 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F07 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F07 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F07 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-F07 Senior Work (Prigo)
PHYS0705H-F07 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2007

PHYS0705B-S07 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S07 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S07 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S07 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-S07 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-S07 Senior Work (Prigo)
PHYS0705H-S07 Senior Work (Graham)

Winter 2007

PHYS0705A-W07 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-W07 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W07 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W07 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W07 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-W07 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-W07 Senior Work (Prigo)

Fall 2006

PHYS0705A-F06 Senior Work
PHYS0705B-F06 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F06 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F06 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F06 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F06 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705G-F06 Senior Work (Prigo)

Spring 2006

PHYS0705A-S06 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-S06 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S06 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705E-S06 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-S06 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-S06 Independent Study (Graham)

Winter 2006

PHYS0705A-W06 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-W06 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W06 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705E-W06 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-W06 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-W06 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2005

PHYS0705A-F05 Senior Work
PHYS0705B-F05 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-F05 Senior Work (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-F05 Senior Work
PHYS0705E-F05 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F05 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-F05 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2005

PHYS0705A-S05 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-S05 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-S05 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-S05 Independent Study (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S05 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705H-S05 Independent Study (Graham)

Winter 2005

PHYS0705A-W05 Independent Study
PHYS0705B-W05 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705C-W05 Independent Study (Ratcliff)
PHYS0705D-W05 Independent Study (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W05 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705H-W05 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2004

PHYS0705A-F04 Senior Work
PHYS0705B-F04 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705D-F04 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F04 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F04 Senior Work (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-F04 Senior Work (Graham)

Spring 2004

PHYS0705B-S04 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705D-S04 Independent Study (Watson)
PHYS0705E-S04 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-S04 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705H-S04 Independent Study (Graham)

Winter 2004

PHYS0705A-W04 Independent Study (Dunham)
PHYS0705B-W04 Independent Study (Wolfson)
PHYS0705C-W04 Independent Study (Winkler)
PHYS0705D-W04 Independent Study (Watson)
PHYS0705E-W04 Independent Study (Graham)

Fall 2003

PHYS0705B-F03 Senior Work (Dunham)
PHYS0705D-F03 Senior Work (Watson)
PHYS0705E-F03 Senior Work (Winkler)
PHYS0705F-F03 Senior Work
PHYS0705H-F03 Senior Work (Graham)