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Intro Phil Tradition

Introduction to the Philosophical Tradition
This course will introduce students to fundamental philosophical issues concerning the nature of reality (metaphysics), the possibility of knowledge (epistemology), and the nature of value (ethical theory) through a reading of a number of important primary texts of thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard, Mill, Nietzsche, and Freud. Cannot be taken by students with credit for PHIL 0151. 3 hrs. lect., 1 hr. disc.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
PHIL0151 *


Spring 2015

PHIL0150A-S15 Lecture
PHIL0150X-S15 Discussion
PHIL0150Y-S15 Discussion
PHIL0150Z-S15 Discussion

Spring 2013

PHIL0150A-S13 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150X-S13 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S13 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S13 Discussion (Woodruff)

Spring 2012

PHIL0150A-S12 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150X-S12 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S12 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S12 Discussion (Woodruff)

Spring 2011

PHIL0150A-S11 Lecture (Woodruff)

Spring 2010

PHIL0150A-S10 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S10 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S10 Discussion (Woodruff)

Spring 2009

PHIL0150A-S09 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150X-S09 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S09 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S09 Discussion (Woodruff)

Spring 2008

PHIL0150A-S08 Lecture (Cokelet)
PHIL0150X-S08 Discussion (Cokelet)
PHIL0150Y-S08 Discussion (Cokelet)
PHIL0150Z-S08 Discussion (Cokelet)

Spring 2007

PHIL0150A-S07 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S07 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S07 Discussion (Woodruff)

Spring 2006

PHIL0150A-S06 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150X-S06 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S06 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S06 Discussion (Woodruff)

Fall 2005

PHIL0150A-F05 Lecture (Bates)
PHIL0150X-F05 Discussion (Bates)
PHIL0150Y-F05 Discussion (Bates)
PHIL0150Z-F05 Discussion (Bates)

Spring 2005

PHIL0150A-S05 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150X-S05 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S05 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S05 Discussion (Woodruff)

Fall 2004

PHIL0150A-F04 Lecture (Bates)
PHIL0150X-F04 Discussion (Bates)
PHIL0150Y-F04 Discussion (Bates)
PHIL0150Z-F04 Discussion (Bates)

Spring 2004

PHIL0150A-S04 Lecture (Woodruff)
PHIL0150X-S04 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Y-S04 Discussion (Woodruff)
PHIL0150Z-S04 Discussion (Woodruff)

Fall 2003

PHIL0150A-F03 Lecture (Bates)
PHIL0150X-F03 Discussion (Bates)
PHIL0150Y-F03 Discussion (Bates)
PHIL0150Z-F03 Discussion (Bates)