Nature's Meanings

Topic determined by the instructor - please refer to the section.
Environmental Studies
Prog in Environmental Studies
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Spring 2017

ENVS0215A-S17 Lecture
ENVS0215X-S17 Discussion
ENVS0215Y-S17 Discussion
ENVS0215Z-S17 Discussion

Fall 2016

ENVS0215A-F16 Lecture
ENVS0215X-F16 Discussion
ENVS0215Y-F16 Discussion
ENVS0215Z-F16 Discussion

Spring 2016

ENVS0215A-S16 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215X-S16 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-S16 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-S16 Discussion (Morse)

Fall 2015

ENVS0215A-F15 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-F15 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-F15 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-F15 Discussion (Gould)

Spring 2015

ENVS0215A-S15 Lecture (Brayton)

Fall 2014

ENVS0215A-F14 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215X-F14 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-F14 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-F14 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2014

ENVS0215A-S14 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-S14 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-S14 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-S14 Discussion (Gould)

Fall 2013

ENVS0215A-F13 Lecture (Brayton)

Spring 2013

ENVS0215A-S13 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-S13 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-S13 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-S13 Discussion (Gould)

Fall 2012

ENVS0215A-F12 Lecture (Brayton)

Spring 2012

ENVS0215A-S12 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215X-S12 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-S12 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-S12 Discussion (Morse)

Fall 2011

ENVS0215A-F11 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215B-F11 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-F11 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-F11 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-F11 Discussion (Gould)

Spring 2011

ENVS0215A-S11 Lecture (Brayton)
ENVS0215B-S11 Lecture (Brayton)
ENVS0215W-S11 Discussion (Brayton)
ENVS0215X-S11 Discussion (Brayton)
ENVS0215Y-S11 Discussion (Brayton)

Fall 2010

ENVS0215A-F10 Lecture (Gould)

Spring 2010

ENVS0215A-S10 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215W-S10 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215X-S10 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-S10 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-S10 Discussion (Morse)

Fall 2009

ENVS0215A-F09 Lecture (McWilliams)
ENVS0215X-F09 Discussion (McWilliams)
ENVS0215Y-F09 Discussion (McWilliams)

Spring 2009

ENVS0215A-S09 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215B-S09 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215X-S09 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Y-S09 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Z-S09 Discussion (Mitchell)

Fall 2008

ENVS0215A-F08 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215X-F08 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-F08 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-F08 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2008

ENVS0215A-S08 Lecture (Brayton)
ENVS0215X-S08 Discussion (Brayton)
ENVS0215Y-S08 Discussion (Brayton)
ENVS0215Z-S08 Discussion (Brayton)

Fall 2007

ENVS0215A-F07 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-F07 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-F07 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-F07 Discussion (Gould)

Spring 2007

ENVS0215A-S07 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215B-S07 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215X-S07 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Y-S07 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Z-S07 Discussion (Mitchell)

Fall 2006

ENVS0215A-F06 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215X-F06 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-F06 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-F06 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2006

ENVS0215A-S06 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215B-S06 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215X-S06 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Y-S06 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Z-S06 Discussion (Mitchell)

Fall 2005

ENVS0215A-F05 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-F05 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-F05 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-F05 Discussion (Gould)

Spring 2005

ENVS0215A-S05 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215B-S05 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215X-S05 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Y-S05 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Z-S05 Discussion (Mitchell)

Fall 2004

ENVS0215A-F04 Lecture (Morse)
ENVS0215X-F04 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Y-F04 Discussion (Morse)
ENVS0215Z-F04 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2004

ENVS0215A-S04 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215B-S04 Lecture (Mitchell)
ENVS0215X-S04 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Y-S04 Discussion (Mitchell)
ENVS0215Z-S04 Discussion (Mitchell)

Fall 2003

ENVS0215A-F03 Lecture (Gould)
ENVS0215X-F03 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Y-F03 Discussion (Gould)
ENVS0215Z-F03 Discussion (Gould)