Elem. Literacy & Soc. Studies

Teaching of Literacy and Social Studies in the Elementary School
This course is designed to provide prospective elementary teachers with an understanding of literacy and social studies instruction for all learners in K-6 classrooms. In addition to the classes, students will participate in a field experience of observing and helping out in elementary school classes in the Middlebury area (approximately 24 hours) and design an individual education studies website. The course will view literacy development (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing) in such a way that assessing and planning instruction fits naturally into everyday classroom activities. We will explore a variety of topics and issues related to social studies: Vermont and National Standards, interdisciplinary approaches, and assessment. 3 hrs. lect./1 hr. disc.
Education Studies
Education Studies
Social Sciences
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Fall 2015

EDST0305A-F15 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2014

EDST0305A-F14 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2013

EDST0305A-F13 Lecture (Hoyler)

Fall 2012

EDST0305A-F12 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2011

EDST0305A-F11 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2010

EDST0305A-F10 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2009

EDST0305A-F09 Lecture (Humphrey)