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Physical Biochemistry

Physical Biochemistry
This is a basic course in physical biochemistry intended for majors in chemistry and the life sciences. The course presents an introductory development of thermodynamics and kinetics as applied to the structure and function of biochemical systems. Special emphasis is given to biological energetics, the forces that stabilize the conformation of biological macromolecules, enzyme kinetics, and membrane transport, as well as physical methods used to isolate and characterize proteins and nucleic acids. (PHYS 0109, MATH 0122, CHEM 0242) 3 hrs lect., 1 hr. disc.
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2012

CHEM0353A-S12 Lecture (Choi)
CHEM0353T-S12 Discussion (Choi)

Spring 2011

CHEM0353A-S11 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0353T-S11 Discussion (Sontum)

Spring 2010

CHEM0353A-S10 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0353T-S10 Discussion (Sontum)

Spring 2009

CHEM0353A-S09 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0353T-S09 Discussion (Sontum)

Spring 2008

CHEM0353A-S08 Lecture (Daugherty)
CHEM0353T-S08 Discussion (Daugherty)

Spring 2007

CHEM0353A-S07 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0353T-S07 Discussion (Sontum)

Spring 2006

CHEM0353A-S06 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0353T-S06 Discussion (Sontum)

Spring 2005

CHEM0353A-S05 Lecture (Choi)

Spring 2004

CHEM0353A-S04 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0353Z-S04 Discussion (Sontum)