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Organic Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry II
A continuation of Organic Chemistry I. Topics covered include mechanistically complex reactions, organic synthesis, and application of molecular orbital theory to reactions. Laboratory exercises focus on synthetic techniques and structure elucidation of complex unknowns. (CHEM 0241) 3 hrs. lect., 4 hrs. lab, 1 hr. disc.
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2014

CHEM0242A-S14 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242T-S14 Discussion (Byers)
CHEM0242U-S14 Discussion (Byers)
CHEM0242V-S14 Discussion (Byers)
CHEM0242W-S14 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242X-S14 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S14 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S14 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2013

CHEM0242A-S13 Lecture (Bunt)
CHEM0242T-S13 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242U-S13 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S13 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S13 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242X-S13 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S13 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S13 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2012

CHEM0242A-S12 Lecture (Bunt)
CHEM0242T-S12 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242U-S12 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S12 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S12 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242X-S12 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S12 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S12 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2011

CHEM0242A-S11 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242T-S11 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242U-S11 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S11 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S11 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242X-S11 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S11 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S11 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2010

CHEM0242A-S10 Lecture (Bunt)
CHEM0242U-S10 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S10 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S10 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242X-S10 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S10 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S10 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2009

CHEM0242A-S09 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242U-S09 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S09 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S09 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242X-S09 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S09 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S09 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2008

CHEM0242A-S08 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242U-S08 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S08 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S08 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242X-S08 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S08 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S08 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2007

CHEM0242A-S07 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242U-S07 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S07 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S07 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242X-S07 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S07 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S07 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2006

CHEM0242A-S06 Lecture (Bunt)
CHEM0242U-S06 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S06 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S06 Discussion (Bunt, Oster)
CHEM0242X-S06 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S06 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S06 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2005

CHEM0242A-S05 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242U-S05 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242V-S05 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242W-S05 Discussion (Byers, Oster)
CHEM0242X-S05 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Y-S05 Lab (Oster)
CHEM0242Z-S05 Lab (Oster)

Spring 2004

CHEM0242A-S04 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0242U-S04 Discussion (Byers)
CHEM0242V-S04 Discussion (Byers)
CHEM0242W-S04 Discussion (Byers)
CHEM0242X-S04 Lab (Ernevad)
CHEM0242Y-S04 Lab (Ernevad)
CHEM0242Z-S04 Lab (Ernevad)