Intro to Spanish Phonetics

Introduction to Spanish Phonetics

This course is an introduction to: (1) the fundamental notions and concepts that allow the analysis of the sounds used in natural languages, and (2) the system of sounds and phonemes in contemporary Spanish. Hence, no previous training in phonetics or phonology is needed. The course has two components: (a) a descriptive one: which are the sounds of Spanish? What are they like and how are they pronounced? In which contexts and situations do they appear, and (b) an applied-practical one: contrasting these sounds with those in English, identifying the pronunciation challenges for students of Spanish as a Second Language and addressing them. The goal will be to help remove the foreign accents as regards phonic units. (1 unit)

Required texts: Armin Schwegler, Juergen Kempff, A. Ameal-Guerra, Fonética y fonología españolas (Wiley & Sons, 4th ed., 2010).

This course is cross-listed with Professional Preparation for Teachers
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Linguistics Pedagogy


Summer 2016 Language Schools

SPAN6715A-L16 Lecture (Gomez Asencio)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

SPAN6715A-L15 Lecture (Schwegler)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

SPAN6715A-L14 Lecture (Gomez Asencio)

Summer 2013

SPAN6715A-L13 Lecture (Schwegler)

Summer 2012

SPAN6715A-L12 Lecture (Ortiz)

Summer 2011

SPAN6715A-L11 Lecture (Schwegler)

Summer 2010

SPAN6715A-L10 Lecture (Schwegler)