Beginning Reading & Culture

This course is designed to develop reading strategies by providing abundant opportunities to read a variety of authentic text types, such as newspapers and magazine articles, realia, and brief literary selections. In addition to expanding the vocabulary base, the topics presented will serve as a springboard for listening, speaking, and writing activities. The information presented in the readings will offer a broad foundation in Hispanic cultural knowledge. (1 unit)

Required text for Level 1: Ramos & Davis, Portafolio (McGraw Hill, 2008). This is a special package created for Middlebury College's Spanish School.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
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Summer 2015 Language Schools

SPAN3104A-L15 Lecture (Diaz)
SPAN3104B-L15 Lecture (Lara)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

SPAN3104A-L14 Lecture (Diaz)

Summer 2013

SPAN3104A-L13 Lecture (Reyes Giardiello)

Summer 2012

SPAN3104A-L12 Lecture (Guzman Lopez Aguado)
SPAN3104B-L12 Lecture (Roman-Morfin)

Summer 2011

SPAN3104A-L11 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)

Summer 2010

SPAN3104A-L10 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)

Summer 2009

SPAN3104A-L09 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)

Summer 2008

SPAN3104A-L08 Lecture (Del Olmo Ibanez)

Summer 2007

SPAN3104A-L07 Lecture (Del Olmo Ibanez)

Summer 2006

SPAN3104A-L06 Lecture (Del Olmo Ibanez)
SPAN3104B-L06 Lecture (Nieto)

Summer 2005

SPAN3104A-L05 Lecture (Massery)

Summer 2004

SPAN3104A-L04 Lecture (Valko)