The Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War in Soviet an Post-Soviet Culture

The Great Patriotic War is one of the most important events in the formation of present-day Russia. This course examines forms and types of memory of the war as a cultural phenomenon expressed in literature, art, music, cinema, architecture, and sculpture. Memory of the war has developed under the influence of official government policies, the spiritual transformation of society, external influences, the evolution of artistic styles, and the globalization of historical memory. This course will provide an overview of the war and examine the cultural legacy of “The Great Patriotic War.” Special attention will be given to the artistic legacy of the war, historical and artistic works about the war, the development of architecture and memorials dedicated to the war and its memory, and contemporary forms of memory about the war and its place in Russian culture. Students will participate in “round tables” about each theme and will present projects on related topics.
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RUSS6612A-L16 Lecture (Ogarkova)

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RUSS6612A-L13 Lecture (Ogarkova)