Intermediate Japanese II

Designed for students who had approximately 400 hours of instruction at the college level. Students coming into this course should be able to read about 500 to 800 kanji. A variety of materials—essays, short stories,TV programs, and newspaper articles— will be used as texts.These materials are chosen not only as tools for language instruction, but also as a means to increase understanding of the socio-cultural background of contemporary Japan.The aim is to get students to function at an advanced level; that is, to be able to read most modern Japanese written materials with the aid of dictionary and to be able to handle most conversational tasks, including formal situations, with relative ease.

Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Advanced Low

Required Text:

Tokyo Gaikokugodaigaku Ryugakusei Nihongo Kyoiku senta (Japanese Language Center for International Students, Tokyo University of Foreigh Studies), Jokyu Nihongo (Advanced Japanese) ISBN-10:4893584081 ISBN-13:978-4893584083 First Edition 6/20/2010
Japanese Studies
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
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Summer 2015 Language Schools

JAPN3404A-L15 Lecture (Ono)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

JAPN3404A-L14 Lecture (Ikeda, Irie, Murakami, Yokoyama)

Summer 2013

JAPN3404A-L13 Lecture (Ono)

Summer 2012

JAPN3404A-L12 Lecture (Itoh, Miura, Ono, Tashiro)

Summer 2011

JAPN3404A-L11 Lecture (Ikeda, Miura, Murakami, Tashiro)

Summer 2010

JAPN3404A-L10 Lecture (Miura)

Summer 2009

JAPN3404A-L09 Lecture (Miura)

Summer 2008

JAPN3404A-L08 Lecture (Miura)

Summer 2007

JAPN3404A-L07 Lecture (Goda, Hishinuma, Miura)

Summer 2006

JAPN3404A-L06 Lecture (Hishinuma, Miura, Osada)

Summer 2005

JAPN3404A-L05 Lecture (Mishima, Miura, Saito)

Summer 2004

JAPN3404A-L04 Lecture (Kurokawa)