Modernity in Ital Architecture

Modernity in Italian Architecture: Between Form & Construction

From the Renaissance to Italian Rationalism, in a perennial oscillation between
avant-gardism and tradition, modernity in architecture (from individual buildings to entire cities) has assumed the function of representing the rapport between power and society. But it has always remained, for political, social and economic reasons, an "incomplete" condition. This course aims to provide the cognitive foundations and critical principles necessary for the comprehension of the notion of "modernity" in Italian architecture. Italian modernity has gone through in an original way the different scales of architectural projection, from edifice to city (from the new Renaissance cities to those with Baroque foundations, from the post-unification umbertine cities to the cities and neighborhoods built on Fascist architectural principles, from the popular neighborhoods sparked by the urban growth in the post-World War II period to the failure of the modern ideology of popular urban expansion in the 70s and 80s) through a complex rapport with tradition and innovation, between technological tardiness and utopist tendencies that determined its originality and specificity in relation to European and western modernity.

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Summer 2013

ITAL6733A-L13 Lecture (Paris)