Teaching Italian

Teaching Italian: Theoretical Principles and Practical Applications for Effective Material Development and Classroom Practice. (For DML candidates, advanced graduate students and teachers)

The course focuses both on the main theoretical principles and practical applications of methodology for teaching Italian as Foreign Language (IFL). During the course, participants will be exposed to the main language teaching methodologies and practices. This may include: the analysis of different approaches to course and syllabus design, the development of specific lesson plans, the integration of task-based instruction, the use of inductive approaches to teaching grammar and vocabulary; and the assessment practices with the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. The starting point will be the consideration of the principles and notions on which course design is based (e.g. learner characteristics and needs analysis). Then, students will be encouraged to analyze the nature of the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), and to reflect on the techniques best suited to the development of competence in each of these areas. While the course stresses the interconnected nature of the four skills, attention will also be devoted to the detailed analysis of the theoretical frameworks for each individual skill. Active and collaborative participation in the course activities is required and students will be encouraged to conduct readings, engage in face-to-face and online discussions, develop lesson plans, observe language classes, prepare task-based activities, and conduct teaching demonstrations.

Required texts:
- Diadori, P. (2010). Insegnare italiano a stranieri, Le Monnier. (ISBN: 88008604190
- Serragiotto, G. (2009), Sillabo di riferimento per la formazione degli insegnanti di italiano a stranieri. Venezia: Cafoscarina. (ISBN
- ACTFL (2011). Standards for foreign Language Learning: Preparing for the 21st Century. Yonkers: ACTFL.
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2014 Language Schools

ITAL6693A-L14 Lecture (Mizza)

Summer 2012

ITAL6693A-L12 Lecture (Serafini)

Summer 2011

ITAL6693A-L11 Lecture (Serafini)

Summer 2010

ITAL6693A-L10 Lecture (Dolci)

Summer 2009

ITAL6693A-L09 Lecture (Danesi)

Summer 2008

ITAL6693A-L08 Lecture (Danesi)