Italian Culture 1970 - present

In this class we will analyze some of the major developments of Italian culture beginning with the early 1970's. We will focus on different artistic media and genres (literature, theater, cinema, television, music...) examining the works selected also, but not exclusively, for their association to broad topics -such as diversity, identity, and migration-- that rose from the ideological and societal changes caused by the 1968 movement, the economic emancipation of the 1980's, the collapse of the Berlin war, etc. Naturally, these topics are strongly intertwined and many of the works in the syllabus offer several interpretative solutions. For this reason, each class may revolve around several works regardless of their artistic genres. The various sections of the syllabus will not be divided, thus, by specific artistic categories (literature, cinema, music, etc.); to the contrary, in most cases, each section will include different artistic aspects.
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