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Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Complex and Fascinating Creativity *

This course will focus on the entire body of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s creativeproduction: cinema, poetry, fiction, theater, and critical essays. Pasolini’s work stood out in Italian literature from the Fifties to the Seventies as a passionate attempt to conjugate Marxism, Christian spirituality, nostalgia for the lost values of agrarian society and fascination with the vitality of the sub-proletariat Roman world. His was a voice also noted for its explicit and pitiless accusation of the social structures of the industrialized West. Special attention will be given to certain works published during the last decade of his life, which are the most significant and representative of this original and controversial Italian intellectual. The memorable documents written after his 1966 and 1969 visits to USA will also be studied.

*Required Texts
: P.P. PASOLINI, "Teatro", Milano: Garzanti, 2006, Euro 18.50. ISBN 88-11-66965-0
P.P. PASOLINI, "Empirismo eretico", Milano: Garzanti, 2007, Euro 13.50. ISBN 978-88-11-67544-0
P.P. PASOLINI, "Trasumanar e Organizzar", Milano: Garzanti, 2002, Euro 9.50. ISBN 978-88-11-67607-0
P.P. PASOLINI, "Pasolini rilegge Pasolini", Milano: Archinto, RCS Libri, 2005, Euro 20.00. ISBN 88-7768-448-8
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Summer 2009

ITAL6615A-L09 Lecture (Fontanella)