Luigi Pirandello's Modernity

This course will study Pirandello’s modernity by focusing on how the self exists only in relation to others and in its changing facets that hide an inscrutable abyss. The interplay between appearance and reality and how his characters attempt to fulfill their seeking roles and are defeated by life itself will be analyzed in his major works. We will also discuss the end of narrative, folly and myth and the discourse on meta-theater. The course will focus on: L’Umorismo (Humor), Il fu Mattia Pascal, (The Late Mattia Pascal), the trilogy: Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore (Six characters in Search of an Author), Ciascuno a suo modo (Each In His Own Way), Questa sera si recita a soggetto, (Tonight We Improvise), Enrico IV (Henry IV), Il Gigante della montagna (The Giants of the Mountain) and Novelle per un anno (Short Stories for a Year). This last work will lead to study Kaos by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani inspired by Pirandelo’s novels: The Other Son, Moon Sickness, The Jar and Requiem and Conversations with Mother. The course includes also the collaboration of Luca Vullo’s theatrical workshop on Pirandello’s Liolà/.
Language School
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Summer 2011

ITAL6614A-L11 Lecture (Santeramo)