Intro to Contemporary Italy

An Introduction to Contemporary Italy

This course is intended for students at the intermediate level as it will afford the opportunity to expand conversation, writing, and reading skills while consolidating knowledge of the more difficult points of grammar. The contextual focus of the course is modern Italian culture including history, current events, and literature among other things. Four Italian films, short stories and essays, will enhance and complete the learning experience. Experts from the faculty and guest artists will be invited in class to discuss some of the special topics that we will study. Students are also required to participate in the Diction & Pronunciation course and to enroll in the afternoon conversation course.

*Required texts

Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 Corso multimediale di lingua e civiltà italiana. Edilingua. Roma. ISBN 978-960-6632-24-2

Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 Corso multimediale di lingua e civiltà italiana. Edilingua. Roma. ISBN 978-960-6632-76-1

Additional material for the course will be provided by the Instructor.

Students are also encouraged to participate in all the workshops offered in the evening
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Summer 2014 Language Schools

ITAL3253A-L14 Lecture (Tellini)

Summer 2013

ITAL3253A-L13 Lecture (Santeramo)

Summer 2012

ITAL3253A-L12 Lecture (Capecchi)

Summer 2011

ITAL3253A-L11 Lecture (D'Amanda)
ITAL3253B-L11 Lecture (D'Amanda)

Summer 2010

ITAL3253A-L10 Lecture (Tellini)
ITAL3253B-L10 Lecture (Piovesana)

Summer 2009

ITAL3253A-L09 Lecture (Blad)
ITAL3253B-L09 Lecture (Blad)

Summer 2008

ITAL3253A-L08 Lecture (Ferralis)
ITAL3253B-L08 Lecture (Ferralis)

Summer 2007

ITAL3253A-L07 Lecture (Ferralis)
ITAL3253B-L07 Lecture (Ferralis)

Summer 2006

ITAL3253A-L06 Lecture (Filippi)
ITAL3253B-L06 Lecture (Filippi)

Summer 2005

ITAL3253A-L05 Lecture (Merli)
ITAL3253B-L05 Lecture (Merli)

Summer 2004

ITAL3253A-L04 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL3253B-L04 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi, Mula)