Beginning Italian

Goals/ Obiettivi: In this course we will work on mastering practical spoken Italian in its cultural context. The class activities will help you to:
 develop the ability to maintain a conversation
 acquire confidence in using your Italian
 expand your vocabulary
 acquire information about life, culture and current trends in Italy
 develop sensitivity to Italian traditions and customs
 better your pronunciation
 basic discussion on some socio-cultural and political issues

Students are also required to participate in the Diction & Pronunciation course
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Summer 2015 Language Schools

ITAL3153A-L15 Lecture (Tellini)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

ITAL3153A-L14 Lecture (Tellini)

Summer 2013

ITAL3153A-L13 Lecture (Mizza)

Summer 2012

ITAL3153A-L12 Lecture (Mizza)

Summer 2011

ITAL3153A-L11 Lecture (Piovesana)
ITAL3153B-L11 Lecture (Piovesana)

Summer 2010

ITAL3153A-L10 Lecture (Piovesana)
ITAL3153B-L10 Lecture (Piovesana)

Summer 2009

ITAL3153A-L09 Lecture (Piovesana)
ITAL3153B-L09 Lecture (Piovesana)

Summer 2008

ITAL3153A-L08 Lecture (Piovesana)
ITAL3153B-L08 Lecture (Piovesana)

Summer 2007

ITAL3153A-L07 Lecture (Carozza)
ITAL3153B-L07 Lecture (Carozza)

Summer 2006

ITAL3153A-L06 Lecture (Ceglia Manfredi)
ITAL3153B-L06 Lecture (Ceglia Manfredi)

Summer 2005

ITAL3153A-L05 Lecture (Gatto)
ITAL3153B-L05 Lecture (Gatto)

Summer 2004

ITAL3153A-L04 Lecture (Gatto)
ITAL3153B-L04 Lecture (Gatto)