German Culture & Society

This course introduces aspects of German culture, society, and politics to facilitate a better understanding of contemporary Germany. The reading and writing assignments also aim at increasing vocabulary and reinforcing grammatical as well as communicative structures.

Required text:
Christine Betz, et al.: Die moderne Gesellschaft in Deutschland. Strukturen und Wandlungsprozesse (2010, Verlag für Deutsch).
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
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Summer 2015 Language Schools

GRMN3303A-L15 Lecture (Gabriel, Holznienkemper, Morrison, Wolff)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

GRMN3303A-L14 Lecture (Farner Budarz, Herklotz)

Summer 2013

GRMN3303A-L13 Lecture (Breithaupt-Wrage)

Summer 2012

GRMN3303A-L12 Lecture (Gabriel, Trop, Werbeck)
GRMN3303B-L12 Lecture (Gabriel, Trop, Werbeck)

Summer 2011

GRMN3303A-L11 Lecture (Gabriel, Russi, Wildermuth)
GRMN3303B-L11 Lecture (Gabriel, Russi, Wildermuth)

Summer 2010

GRMN3303A-L10 Lecture (Peckenpaugh, Russi)
GRMN3303B-L10 Lecture (Gabriel, Peckenpaugh, Russi)

Summer 2009

GRMN3303A-L09 Lecture (Graf, Morrison, Wegel)
GRMN3303B-L09 Lecture (Graf, Morrison, Wegel)

Summer 2008

GRMN3303A-L08 Lecture (Graf, Morrison, Wegel)
GRMN3303B-L08 Lecture (Graf, Morrison, Wegel)

Summer 2007

GRMN3303A-L07 Lecture (Graf, Morrison, Wegel)
GRMN3303B-L07 Lecture (Graf, Morrison, Wegel)

Summer 2006

GRMN3303A-L06 Lecture (Chalupa, Graf, Morrison)
GRMN3303B-L06 Lecture (Chalupa, Graf, Morrison)

Summer 2005

GRMN3303A-L05 Lecture (Chalupa, Graf, Russi)

Summer 2004

GRMN3303A-L04 Lecture (Chalupa, Graf)