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Language & Theater

N.B. This course meets 2 hours per day

This course aims at developing ease and fluidity of oral communication in French. With support of contemporary Francophone's plays, students will discover the French languages diversity by working on pronunciation, quality of their voice, gesture, breathing... A short production composed of different parts of the plays studied during the course will be performed in public toward the end of the summer session.

Required Text:
1) Collectif; Embouteillage Caraïbe; ISBN 978-2 -87282-687-2; Lansman
2) Michel marc Bouchard; Les muses orphelines; ISBN 2-7609-0358-3; LEMEAC
3) José Pliya; Lettres à l’humanité ISBN 978-2-87282-667-4; Lansman
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Language & Stylistics
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Summer 2014 Language Schools

FREN6612A-L14 Lecture (Vende)

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FREN6612A-L12 Lecture (Leonard-Maestrati)

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Summer 2005

FREN6612A-L05 Lecture (Pelopidas, Roudil)

Summer 2004

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