Intro to Literary Analysis

This course will help social science and literary students master analytical and textual methodologies. These methodologies will allow students to read and comprehend texts in depth while developing their written analytical skills by performing methodological exercises such as summaries, technical explanations, close readings, argumentative dialectical essay, reading analyses or oral thematic presentations.

In these exercises, we will study tropes on the Other in literature, anthropology, sociology, and politics. What representation and images of travel, the foreign and the Other, stem from the French reader’s perspective? And who is this Other? Etymologically “the one who is not here”, the Other can be the neighbor, the opposite sex, the foreigner -- whoever is different. And what usage is made of such fluctuating representations? In a quest for travel and alterity through different texts spanning the 16th to the 21st centuries, we will explore the anthropological, sociological, political, stylistical, poetical, critical and ideological renewal of transcribed viewpoints of human identity and French clichés. To this end, we will study textual excerpts from different horizons might they be geographical, political, sociological, anthropological or historical.

Required Text:
1) a coursepack comprised of diverse argumentative texts
2) Le Supplément au Voyage de Bougainville (Diderot) ISBN 2253138099; LGF Libretti 13809
3) La Théorie du Voyage (Michel Onfray) ISBN 2253084419; LGF LDP Biblio essai 4417
4) Le Roi de Kahel (Tierno Monénembo) ISBN 2020851671; Seuil Cadre Rouge
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Lit Theory/Analysis Pedagogy


Summer 2014 Language Schools

FREN6525A-L14 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2013

FREN6525A-L13 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2012

FREN6525A-L12 Lecture (Requemora-Gros, Victor)

Summer 2011

FREN6525A-L11 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2010

FREN6525A-L10 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2009

FREN6525A-L09 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2008

FREN6525A-L08 Lecture (Lauverjat)
FREN6525B-L08 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)
FREN6525C-L08 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2007

FREN6525A-L07 Lecture (Lagier)
FREN6525B-L07 Lecture (Ladimer)
FREN6525C-L07 Lecture (Germoni)

Summer 2006

FREN6525A-L06 Lecture (Crouzieres-Ingenthron)
FREN6525B-L06 Lecture (Lauthelier-Mourier)
FREN6525C-L06 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)

Summer 2005

FREN6525A-L05 Lecture (Requemora-Gros)