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Through the examination and use of authentic French materials we will focus on oral language (pronunciation, communication…) and discuss current topics in French society (Hexagone and DOM-TOM, laïcité vs. religions, etc.). Aural and visual materials will include feature-length films (On connâit la chanson and Les choristes), songs and literary texts (poetry, drama, and short story).

Required Text: A required coursepack will be available for purchase at the bookstore
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Summer 2014 Language Schools

FREN3307A-L14 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L14 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L14 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2013

FREN3307A-L13 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L13 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L13 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2012

FREN3307A-L12 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L12 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L12 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2011

FREN3307A-L11 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L11 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L11 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2010

FREN3307A-L10 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L10 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L10 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2009

FREN3307A-L09 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L09 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L09 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2008

FREN3307A-L08 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L08 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L08 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2007

FREN3307A-L07 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L07 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L07 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2006

FREN3307A-L06 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L06 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L06 Lecture (Croise)

Summer 2005

FREN3307A-L05 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307B-L05 Lecture (Croise)
FREN3307C-L05 Lecture (Croise)