Topics in French Language

Speaking in Public with Confidence

Using a variety of strategies, including the reading and staging of theatre texts, this course aims to strengthen oral proficiency while developing the self-confidence required for a variety of public-speaking activities. The course is regularly taught to diplomats, lawyers, professors, business managers, and students.

Required Texts:
Le Petit Robert Micro, ISBN-10: 2321002131
Une fois pour toutes C2009 Student Edition (softcover), ISBN-10: 013361123X
Une fois pour toutes C2009 Student Answer Key, ISBN-10: 0133611213
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2016 Language Schools

FREN3305A-L16 Lecture
FREN3305B-L16 Lecture
FREN3305C-L16 Lecture
FREN3305D-L16 Lecture

Summer 2015 Language Schools

FREN3305A-L15 Lecture (Pelopidas)
FREN3305B-L15 Lecture (Pelopidas)
FREN3305C-L15 Lecture (Pelopidas)
FREN3305D-L15 Lecture (Pelopidas)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

FREN3305A-L14 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305B-L14 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305C-L14 Lecture (Pliya)

Summer 2013

FREN3305A-L13 Lecture (Akakpo, Timbo)
FREN3305B-L13 Lecture (Akakpo, Timbo)
FREN3305C-L13 Lecture (Akakpo, Timbo)

Summer 2012

FREN3305A-L12 Lecture (Akakpo)
FREN3305B-L12 Lecture (Akakpo)
FREN3305C-L12 Lecture (Akakpo)

Summer 2011

FREN3305A-L11 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305B-L11 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305C-L11 Lecture (Pliya)

Summer 2010

FREN3305A-L10 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305B-L10 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305C-L10 Lecture (Pliya)

Summer 2009

FREN3305A-L09 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305B-L09 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305C-L09 Lecture (Pliya)

Summer 2008

FREN3305A-L08 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305B-L08 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305C-L08 Lecture (Pliya)

Summer 2007

FREN3305A-L07 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305B-L07 Lecture (Pliya)
FREN3305C-L07 Lecture (Pliya)

Summer 2006

FREN3305A-L06 Lecture (Hontanx)
FREN3305B-L06 Lecture (Hontanx)
FREN3305C-L06 Lecture (Hontanx)

Summer 2005

FREN3305A-L05 Lecture (Hontanx)
FREN3305B-L05 Lecture (Hontanx)
FREN3305C-L05 Lecture (Hontanx)