Early Intermed French

Level 2 is aimed at students who have received some previous instruction in (or exposure to) French, but who are not yet able to function independently in full immersion. This level focuses on developing listening comprehension, oral competence, and socio-cultural communicative proficiency and on acquiring strategies for oral and written expression through progressive practice and phonetics exercises. Various cultural aspects of French-speaking communities worldwide will be studied through readings and recordings.
The course is divided into 4 units. Students will be taught 4 classes a day: Vocabulary and civilization (211); Introduction to literature (212); Oral activities and Phonetics (213) and Grammar (214).

Required texts:
- Maia GRÉGOIRE et Odile THIEVENAZ : Grammaire progressive du français 3e édition livre + CD audio niveau intermédiaire avec 680 exercices, ISBN 978-2-09-038124-5
- Maia GRÉGOIRE et Odile THIEVENAZ Grammaire progressive du français niveau intermédiaire Livret de corrigés, ISBN 978-2-09-038117-7, ISBN 978-209-038139-9
- BLONDEAU, Ferroudja ALLOUACHE et Marie-Françoise NÉ, Littérature Progressive du français Niveau Débutant 2ème édition avec 600 activités
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Summer 2015 Language Schools

FREN3213A-L15 Lecture
FREN3213B-L15 Lecture
FREN3213C-L15 Lecture
FREN3213D-L15 Lecture

Summer 2014 Language Schools

FREN3213A-L14 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L14 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L14 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2013

FREN3213A-L13 Lecture (Fertein, Muller, Ogden)
FREN3213B-L13 Lecture (Fertein, Muller, Ogden)

Summer 2012

FREN3213A-L12 Lecture (Muller)
FREN3213B-L12 Lecture (Muller)

Summer 2011

FREN3213A-L11 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L11 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L11 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2010

FREN3213A-L10 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L10 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L10 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2009

FREN3213A-L09 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L09 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L09 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2008

FREN3213A-L08 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L08 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L08 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2007

FREN3213A-L07 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L07 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L07 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2006

FREN3213A-L06 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L06 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L06 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2005

FREN3213A-L05 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213B-L05 Lecture (Ogden)
FREN3213C-L05 Lecture (Ogden)

Summer 2004

FREN3213A-L04 Lecture (Gros)