Beginning French I

Level 1 is intended for students with no or minimal previous experience with the French language. The course emphasizes communicative proficiency, with special attention to the development of oral and listening skills, self-expression, and cultural insights.

Classroom activities are varied and interactive and are focused on acquiring all four language competencies (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) simultaneously-always in the context of a cultural narrative. Each lesson begins with a rapid flow of authentic French presented in realistic, everyday circumstances, supported by video presentations. Free-form classroom interactions are balanced with structured grammar and vocabulary drills. All in-class activities are task-based and put the students in real-life situations. By the end of this seven-week immersion program, students will be able to easily navigate a variety of real-world situations.

Required Texts:
1) Maia Grégoire, Grammaire Progressive du Français (Niveau débutant), Paris, CLE international- 2004.ISBN-10: 209033858X; 2) Guy Capelle, Noëlle Guidon, Reflets ( méthode de français 1), Paris, Hachette, 1999.ISBN-10: 2011551161
Language School
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Summer 2014 Language Schools

FREN3103A-L14 Lecture (Clot, Mattei)

Summer 2013

FREN3103A-L13 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)
FREN3103B-L13 Lecture (Houdelette, Mattei)

Summer 2012

FREN3103A-L12 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)

Summer 2011

FREN3103A-L11 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)

Summer 2010

FREN3103A-L10 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)

Summer 2009

FREN3103A-L09 Lecture (Houdelette, Tourtelotte)
FREN3103B-L09 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)

Summer 2008

FREN3103A-L08 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)
FREN3103B-L08 Lecture (Bontems, Houdelette)

Summer 2007

FREN3103A-L07 Lecture (Houdelette, Sicot)

Summer 2006

FREN3103A-L06 Lecture (Sicot)

Summer 2005

FREN3103A-L05 Lecture (Mattei, Sicot)

Summer 2004

FREN3103A-L04 Lecture (Parrat)