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Introduction to Chinese Lings

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to Linguistics is the foundational theory class for the linguistics student. Through lectures and discussions, students will gain an understanding of the basic theories and concepts of linguistics, forming a base of knowledge to aid them in further study in each linguistics course. Through interpreting the basic theories of linguistics, this course will enable students to conduct real and integrated analysis of English and Chinese, thus encouraging students to involve perceptual awareness of linguistic phenomena in the theoretical level of their studies. Important units and content include: language and its characteristics, the subjects of linguistic research, roles and functions of linguistics, phonetics, grammar, the relationship and systematic nature of semantics and writing systems, language’s development and language contact, etc.

Goals of the course: a synthesis of standard linguistics theory and specific linguistic analysis, the material covered in this course will be connected and integrated with later coursework, allowing students to better understand complex theories with more clarity; the instructor strives to use lively examples to push forth students’ understanding and encourage participatory discussion.

Xú Tōngqiāng and Yè Fēishēng. Wáng Hóngjūn and Li Juān, editors. Yuyánxué Gāngyào. Peking University Press, 2010. ISBN: 9787301163108 .
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Summer 2014

CHNS6510A-L14 Lecture

Summer 2013

CHNS6510A-L13 Lecture (Yang)

Summer 2012

CHNS6510A-L12 Lecture (Shi)

Summer 2011

CHNS6510A-L11 Lecture (Yang)

Summer 2010

CHNS6510A-L10 Lecture (Shi)

Summer 2009

CHNS6510A-L09 Lecture (Shi)

Summer 2008

CHNS6510A-L08 Lecture (Kubler)

Summer 2007

CHNS6510A-L07 Lecture (Kubler)